Freedom from Fear

Often I had asked You, Lord,
Why I Am full of fear?
Why do I suffer panic
When I know You are so near?
Today, I really listened, Lord,
And I heard You gently say
"You're asking the wrong question -
There is a better way".

"I suggest you ask yourself
Instead of asking Me,
Look deep into your heart, dear one,
And an answer you may see.
In place of wondering why those fears
Trouble your heart so,
Ask yourself just why it is
You will not let them go".

"If you want the freedom
And peace that I can give,
You must first be willing
Without those fears to live".
"Then tell me how, Lord Jesus",
So earnestly I prayed.
He gave me a solution
So I should not be afraid.

"Cup your hands before you
And into them now pour
All your fears and terrors -
Empty your mind's store.
Now lift up those heavy hands,
Laden down with cares
And offer all of them to Me -
You know I hear your prayers".

Then He clearly told me
Turn those hands over now,
And picture all that garbage
In the cleansing flow.
Now your hands are empty
The bonds of fear release
And I will fill the vacant space
With my deep joy and peace.

Thank You, Thank You, Jesus,
For listening to my plea,
My burden has been lifted
Now from fear I am set free.

Honoria A. Groves

August 3, 1995