Freedom To Be

This triality that is me -
Body, soul and spirit -
Demands to be free;
Free from domination by any one of the three.
I refuse to let this body completely run my life,
As at times it threatens to do so.
Neither sickness nor pain shall the upper hand gain,
Nor shall sin have dominion over me.

Sometimes, my spirit is vibrant and joyous;
Other times deeply depressed;
But I will not allow emotion to rule,
Either by euphoria or depression.

Exhaustion takes it toll of body, mind and soul,
But I pray it may not drain my spirit
Of all my praise.

My desire is for the Divine Trinity,
God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son,
And the Divine Holy Spirit,
To fuse my being into one Triunity,
And thus be completely submerged into Him,
Wherein is complete freedom to be
What He directs.

And since He is the author of Life,
Health, Sanity, and Holiness,
Complete wholeness must be His Will for me.
Therefore, I have the freedom to be
Healthy, Holy and at Peace;


By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves