Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

How graciously our loving God
Has poured His blessings down
To humans on this earthly sod,
By making Himself known.

Through the sacrifice of others
Enlightenment first came,
But some sisters and brothers
Have never heard His Name.

Unto us He freely granted
The chance to grow and live,
But as His seed is planted,
A harvest we must give.

As we so freely have received
The joy of God's great grace,
We must tell those who've not believed,
Christ died for every race.

From those to whom so much was given
Will be required some day,
A reckoning when we reach Heaven,
And then what shall we say?

For us, our Saviour gave His all,
At inestimable cost.
Oh let us hear His tender call
To help Him find the lost!

Honoria A. Groves