Getting Ready For Bed

Getting ready for bed is such a chore!
As I age, the chores become more!
Not just washing my face, but a test
If I can remember all the rest!
Devotions done, I start to yawn
And hope to sleep until the dawn.

But sometimes when I feel ready to drop,
Into my bed I simply flop.
Up suddenly I will spring
And back into the bathroom I fling
To put my dentures in to soak
(Unlike some of those lucky folk
Whose teeth they did not have to buy!)
Then once more to bed I'll fly.

But as I rest my weary head
I have to jump once more from bed,
Removing from my deafened ear
My hearing aid, so near and dear.
Then I have to turn on the light,
Retrieve my glasses to help my sight,
To check I have not left it on,
Then through the apartment I must run
Seeking for my purse somewhere
To put inside its case with care,
This instrument that helps me hear,
So it will not simply disappear.

Hoping soon to sleep I'll go
I turn the radio on low
But without the hearing aid I found
I could not hear a single sound!
Turning off the light again
My poor old hip begins to pain
So back to the bathroom sink I trot
To take a pill that helps a lot.

But then I have to wait a bit
For it to work, so down I sit,
Pick up a book I like to read,
Turn on the light, find glasses I need.
Make sure I have cold water to drink,
So back again to the bathroom sink.
Check that I have locked the door,
Eventually I lie down once more.

Contentedly thinking that is that,
On my bed jumps my loving cat.
Pawing around for a comfortable place,
He promptly starts to wash his face,
Snuggling as close as he can be,
His constant movements frustrate me.
So shooing him off on to the floor,
I chase him and close the bedroom door.

Then, in despair I shake my head -
“Why does it takes so long,” I said,
“Simply getting ready for bed???”

Honoria A. Groves

March 12, 2004