Getting Ready for Church

How long did I take this morning,
Just getting ready for Church?
To choose and discard from the closet
Then for proper accessories search?
How close did I look in the mirror,
Fixing my face and my hair?
Did I also stop to consider
That my spirit too I should prepare?

Did I go to my Heavenly Father
Asking His blessing in prayer;
Seeking His Robe of Salvation
That His Holiness I Might wear?
Humbly repenting my failures,
And pleading forgiving grace,
Requesting that in His great Mercy
My blemishes He would erase?

Asking that He would give me
A tender, listening ear;
That as the Lord's Message is given
I might be eager to hear?
For when I am humble and earnest,
Willing for the Spirit to search
The depths of my innermost being -
Then I'll really be ready for Church!

Honoria A. Groves