God Has His Finger on You

If God has His finger on you,
Friend, what are you going to do?
His voice are you trying to shun,
As you still high-tail it and run,
Because God has His finger on you?

Do you feel He is following you?
You can't shake Him, whatever you do?
Evading the sound of His call -
Escape routes - you've tried them all -
But He still has His finger on you!

When you know His finger's on you,
Do you ask why He's picking on you?
Don't be angry, be thankful, dear friend,
That His great love which never will end
Makes God keep His finger on you.

If you welcome God's interest in you
And accept Christ, a Friend so true.
He'll save and He'll guide you,
He'll walk close beside you,
You'll rejoice for His finger is on you!

Honoria A. Groves