God's Embrace

I came just as a troubled child
Unto My Father's Throne,
And told Him of my burdens,
The heartaches I had known.
Then, as in adoration
And humility I knelt,
Beseeching for His blessing,
His presence close I felt.

With face upturned to heaven,
My hands in worship raised,
My heart its love and longing
Poured forth in prayer and praise.
As I sensed His close reality,
Releasing all my fear,
He seemed to grasp my reaching hands
And gently drew me near.

Into the warmth and comfort
Of His loving arms' embrace,
I felt my body lifted,
As tears ran down my face.
Oh, what a blessed experience!
If I could only stay
Within the circle of those arms,
Where there's no need to pray!

But the glory of His presence
And the glow of His sweet Face
Will remain within my memory
And nothing can erase
The knowledge that my Father
Does love this child of grace,
For He took me and He held me
In the warmth of His embrace!

By: Nora (Honoria) Groves