God's Gardeners

On this very special day,
We offer thanks to God, and pray
For this precious little child,
So beautiful, so undefiled,
Whom God entrusted to our hands,
To care for, under His commands.

God's Kingdom is a garden fair,
With many flowers growing there.
His Hand alone plants every seed
And gives the breath of life they need.
He send the sunshine and the rain
To help them grow and strength to gain.
He loves each tiny living thing,
And shelters them beneath His wing.

But we, His gardeners, He asks,
To do the daily, needed tasks;
To cultivate and discipline,
To train and to protect from sin.
Our obligation is to give
The teaching that will help them live
And by example come to know
Our Saviour Christ, Who loves us so.

We're grateful that we have been given
This treasure from the vaults of heaven.
It's our responsibility -
And one we take on willingly -
To cherish, nurture and provide
The climate, soil and light to guide
This tender seedling in our care,
That she may grow in beauty fair,
And blessed by God's Almighty Hand,
This tiny bud will someday stand,
Straight and tall, in fragrant bloom,
Because this duty we assume.

Protect her, Lord, from wind and storm,
Keep her safe from sin and harm.
When she has reached maturity,
May she CHOOSE to walk with Thee.
Bless her with Your love and grace
And then someday grant her a place
In Your Eternal Garden fair,
Where we may all Your presence share.

Honoria A. Groves

February 7, 1982