God's Unchanging Word in a Changing World

"The Word of the Lord endureth for ever"
(1 Peter 1:25)

We praise You, Father, for Your Word
Which evermore does stand
Imprinted on Eternal Rock
By Your unerring Hand.

While through' the ages this world rolls
As restless as the tides,
Forever seeking, changing; still
Your Word secure abides.

When all around us chaos lies
While doubt and evil reigns,
Where else is there security,
What else unchanged remains?

So send Your Holy Spirit Lord,
To help us as we read,
That we may find within Your Word
The blessing we all need.

Thus as we journey day by day
Throughout this changing life,
The Eternal Word will be our guide
And peace amid the strife.

Until our work on earth is done
And we come Home to Thee,
Where naught can change or pass away
Through all eternity.

Honoria A. Groves