Groping In The Dark

Some people are still groping in the dark,
Stumbling along all alone,
Refusing the hands stretched out to help.
Ignoring the lamp offered to them.

They call out “Why am I here? What is truth?”
“Where am I? Who will guide me?”
Yet turn away
From the only true source of Light.

In the silence
They do not hear His voice
Because they are too busy voicing their concerns,
Telling anyone who will listen about their doubts,
Their depression and confusion.

They will ridicule those
Who walk confidently in the Light,
And cast aspersions
On any who claim to know the Way.

I have to wonder why
They value their independence
More highly than their safety,
Unwilling to trust
Or turn away from darkness
Into the Light.

Should we leave them there to flounder alone?
Or keep offering a gleam of hope;
The warmth of support and love,
A hand to lead them out of the shadows
Into the glorious sunshine
Of the Love and Mercy of Jesus?

It is our choice!

Honoria A. Groves

March 9, 2003