Growth, Rooted, Grounded, Established

Lord, You are the Gardener,
The One Who plants the seed;
Provides the best environment
And everything I need.

You shower Your refreshing rain,
Prepare the soil just right,
Supplying all the nutrients,
And shed Your warmth and Light,

But I must send my ROOTS down deep
In You, where they belong,
And anchor them upon Your Word,
Spread out so firm and strong.

GROUNDED on the Solid Rock
To face the storms of life;
The winds of great adversity;
The conflicts and the strife.

For only when ESTABLISHED
Can new life outward flow,
As trunk and branches first appear
Then leaves and blossoms GROW.

As Your gracious Holy Spirit
Flows through every part,
I would grow in keeping
With Your Loving Heart.

So this Tree You have planted,
May bear the fruit You planned,
Still pruned and cultivated
By Your dear Loving Hand.

Honoria A. Groves

May 23, 1999