We may not be charged with dreadful crimes
So lurid others cringe in revulsion,
But someday we shall all stand before The Supreme Judge
And have to answer the question:
"What did you do with My Son? Did you reject Him?"
Will you have to plead

When interrogated about your response
To the Third Person of the Trinity,
Will you hear the charge:
"You did unlawfully grieve the Holy Spirit"?
Will you hang your head and say

How will you answer questions
About your service for the Kingdom?
"Did you demonstrate an utter disregard
For those dying in their sins?"
Will you have to admit your GUILT?

If you are queried about your relationships
And stand accused of showing
A lack of love and concern for those close to you,
Will you reluctantly reply -

Thank God, we may all know for sure
That our many sins and failures
Have been obliterated from the record
Because we were willing to enter
A "GUILTY" plea, here on earth,
And our Compassionate Advocate
Negotiated a Plea Bargain on our behalf
So that the handcuffs were removed
And we were allowed to go free,

Honoria A. Groves

September, 1995