Healing Hands

Beside my bed an angel stands
With smiling face and healing hands.
Her eyes are warm and show she cares;
Compassion for my pain she shares.

Her feet are swift to help and serve;
Unflinching is her iron nerve
For even the unpleasant tasks
Her calling and her duty asks.

Through the hours of day and night,
Her presence was my only light
When floating in the unreal haze
Of drugs and pain through countless days.

Now I have come back to earth
As though provided with rebirth,
With gratitude I see and feel
And know the truth of what is real,

Because so faithfully she gave
Of herself, my life to save.
I thank you each and every one
For all the many things you've done.

As I go forth the world to face,
And others come to take my place,
Our loving Lord beside you stands
To bless and use your healing hands.

With deepest gratitude to all Staff on Ward 3X

McMaster University Medical Centre

May 1990

By: Ernie and Nora Groves