Healing Prayer

Heavenly Father, touch this body with its aches
and weariness. Grant me Your strength in
weakness, Your balm for pain, Your peace for

Forgive me, Lord, where I have been selfish,
thinking only of what I can get out of life -
my joy, my happiness, my contentment.

Lift me, Jesus, out of the rut of depression
and self-pity; the wanting to be loved and
appreciated. Instead, increase my love for
You; reassure me of Your everlasting love,
and let me feel the hurt of others.

Then, give me a push to get out and share
this wonderful Good News of Your love, which
I sometimes almost forget about, to tell those,
who perhaps never knew about it.

When I do that, I know I shall be more happier than I
could ever be sitting here waiting for someone to
sympathize with me!

Holy Spirit, touch my life and use me. Infuse
into Your powerful surge of abundant life. I
would not be simply an ornament, but a vessel
through which You can flow to others.

Thank You, God, for loving me, for being so
patient and tolerant of my shortcomings. Thank
You for Jesus, His saving grace and for Your
forgiveness. Thank You for the blessed Holy
Spirit who is my Comforter. Thank You Lord, for
listening to me, and Thank You, Holy Spirit, for
touching my life, once again.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves