Herald of the Light

In the very early morn,
Just before first glow of dawn,
The sweetest sound I ever heard -
One solitary little bird
Swelled his throat in glorious song
To tell me daylight won't be long.

As one by one the chorus grows,
The volume of their praises rose,
Piercing through the dark of night
To herald that first beam of light;
A call to any listening there
To lift their hearts in grateful prayer.

What blessing is that song of hope,
As in the dark of night I grope; Chiding the despondent sigh,
Drawing my eyes toward the sky,
Where soon a rosy blush of light
Will welcome morning's glory bright.

The chorus suddenly will cease;
The air be filled with quiet peace,
As lifting up my weary eyes,
I see the daylight pierce the skies
And soon will rise the glorious sun
Announcing one more day's begun.

I praise You, Lord, this early hour,
For this demonstration of Your power, Praying You'll use this life of mine Through your loving grace divine,
To have a song in darkest night
And be a Herald Of The Light!

Honoria A. Groves

12 June, 1982