He Restoreth

23rd Psalm

When weary or discouraged
Or sunk in deep despair,
I find my help in Jesus -
He's my Shepherd, He does care.
In green pastures He will feed me,
And where peaceful waters roll
He has promised He will lead me.
He restoreth, He restoreth,
My weak and fainting soul!

He guides my faltering footsteps
In paths of righteousness;
Not because of my poor efforts -
He imparts HIS Holiness;
And only His blest Spirit
Makes possible this goal.
He restoreth, He restoreth
My consecrated soul.

As I walk through sunless valleys
No evil shall I fear,
For He is there beside me
And His staff is always near
To comfort and support me
As He guides me to His fold.
He restoreth, He restoreth,
My simple, trusting soul.

He prepares a feast of blessings,
And anoints me with His joy;
His never-failing mercies
Shall my ceaseless praise employ;
And in my Shepherd's Presence
While eternal ages roll -
He restoreth, He restoreth,
My glad, immortal soul!

Honoria A. Groves