Hope For The Hopeless

Hear the little children crying,
And the moans of sick and dying,
See the looks of deep despair,
On sad faces everywhere.
Oh, the hopelessness of sin
In lives where evil reigns within
Because their ears have never heard
The glorious hope in God's Own Word!

The Saviour's message "Go and tell"
Was meant for me, I know full well.
Just the need alone to know
Can be God's gentle call to Go.
Some to distant lands may fly;
Others telling friends nearby;
All this precious Hope may share,
And give, and intercede in prayer.

You know that Jesus died for all,
So do not wait for another Call.
He answers everyone who seeks
And to the youngest child He speaks.
While we rejoice when others go,
Ask God His Will for you to show.
Lift up the lamp of Hope today
To help some hopeless find their way.

Honoria A. Groves