How Does Your Day Start?

Some start their day with radio,
And some with orange juice,
While others need hot coffee
Before they're any use.

I need a time of quietness
With Jesus to commune.
He blesses and refreshes me
When our spirits are in tune.

He's always right here with me,
Just waiting for me to awake,
And my first conscious moment
Brings praises for His sake.

Now this is not related
To things, or how I feel,
Nor where I am, and when I pray
I don't even have to kneel.

It's not on circumstances
This relationship depends,
It simply is a fellowship
Between two loving friends.

So I start my day with Jesus,
And Heaven fills my heart.
Do you know any better way
To have your morning start?

By: Nora (Honoria) Groves