How Small They Really Are

These burdens that I carry - such a heavy load of care! -
Sometimes weigh me down completely, feeling no-one else can share!
But if I am only able to relinquish them in prayer
I shall see with clearer insight how small they really are!

It depends on the perspective, the angle that I see;
From my own human standpoint shows them far too great for me.
But viewed by the Almighty, insignificant they'll be
From His long-range outlook, of vast Eternity.

Forgive me, Heavenly Father, for thinking I can do
The totally impossible, no wonder I feel blue!
For though those heavy burdens are real enough, it's true,
How very small they must appear when I give them to You!

And though they are too heavy for me to bear alone,
The circumstances may not change while I still weep and moan.
For only You are able to change a heart of stone.
How small these problems will appear when Your great power is shown!

You know my human weakness, Lord, and you can understand
The deep concerns within my heart; the hopes and dreams I planned!
Now I will stop my grieving and patiently will stand
To watch the changes You will make by Your Almighty Hand!

Honoria A. Groves