I'd Like to Stay

I'd like to stay, shut away
Alone with Thee,
Where I can feel your presence real
So close to me.

Where every thought by Thee caught
Is full of love,
And each desire burned with fire
From up above

Is pure and sweet while at your feet
I Thee adore;
While glory bright engulfs with light
And asks for more.

It is so blest to pause and rest
Awhile with Thee!
And then I hear Your voice so dear
Say unto me -

“But life awaits outside these gates,
So much to do;
What're the task your duty ask
I say to you…

‘Tis not my will to tarry still
With work undone,
I'll be with you to help you through
'til set of sun.”

So forth I go with heart aglow,
And this I pray,
“Lord, keep me true in all I do,
Throughout this day.”

By: Nora (Honoria) Groves