I Don't Want to Get Up

I don't want to get up, as I lie in my cosy bed,
I have a contour pillow on which to place my head;
A deep, firm foam mattress, as comfortable as can be,
(It's not too soft and not too hard - it is just right for me).
These aging joints are tender and require a comfort zone.
A strange bed often causes many a night-time moan.

The morning air is chilly on this snowy winter day.
In bed it is so cosy, I think Id like to stay
Underneath these covers where it's warm as toast.
I don't use heavy blankets, light ones I like the most,
With a fluffy comforter and sheets of flannelette
Warm without the weight, as cosy as you can get!

Then I suddenly remember this is a special day
And there is something I want to do today.
I'll take my music binder and poems I'll also bring
And putting on my smiling face, I will play and sing.
I'll help to make you happy and you will do the same -
(If only I could remember every person's name!)
We'll have a great time together as we always do,
And I'll be glad I did get up, so I could visit with you!

Honoria A. Groves

December, 2003