I'd Rather

I'd rather praise God for health than healing,
I'd rather experience faith than feeling,
I would rather know whom I have believed
Than hope salvation I had received.

I'd rather have courage to face the foe
Than seek sympathy for my tale of woe.
I'd rather have victory over defeat
Than encouragement when I am beat.

Temptation's battles I'd rather win
Than seek forgiveness for my sin.
I'd rather affirm my faith and shout
Than voice a little niggling doubt.

I'd rather depend on God's Holy Word
Than trust any other voice that's heard.
I'd rather walk with God, hand in hand
Than need a crutch with which to stand.

Our God's resources are vast and deep
For all who appropriate them and keep.
Unlimited is the scope of His power
If we abide in Him each day and hour.

I would rather use the power I own
Than wait for some miracle to be shown.
I'd rather praise Him for blessings at hand
Than wait and long for the Better Land!

Honoria A. Groves