I Felt the Hand of God

I felt the hand of God when He called me to His side
As I first realized Jesus Christ for me had died.
I felt His hand distinctly when I was sanctified;
Surrendering completely, with sin and self denied.

I've felt his hand quite heavy when I knew I had done wrong;
A wall had come between us and my heart had lost its song.
I knew that He still loved me and repented in much pain,
He touched me gently saying “Don't go that way again.”

I felt His hand supporting when burdened down with care
He strengthened and upheld me and the heavy weight would bear.
It is so comforting to know that He is always there;
Whenever I may need Him His hand His grace will share.

I've felt God's Hand most clearly when His gentle call I heard
To follow in obedience, to teach or share His Word,
When I have felt inadequate, His Spirit would provide
Empowerment for service as He came alongside.

I feel His Hand in blessing when I pray earnestly,
His presence meets my deepest needs as He draws close to me;
He fills my heart with peace and joy and gives me strength to stand.
I praise Him for His constant love and ever present hand.

Honoria A. Groves

June, 2002