If I Could Lift Your Burden!

If I could lift the burden
That seems to weigh you down!
If I could take the heaviness
That causes you to frown!
If I had drops of happiness
To wash away your tears;
A balm for painful memories
Gathered through the years!
If I could put the twinkle
Back into your eyes,
Causing them to sparkle
With smiles instead of sighs!
These things for you I'd gladly do -
You know I truly would -
If only there was any way
That this mere mortal could!

But I don't know the problems,
The depth of all your woe;
The hopes and aspirations
That you've seen come and go.
But I do know of Someone
Who knows and understands,
And has the power to help you
In His tender, loving Hands.
For He has also suffered,
Was rejected by His own,
Abandoned and forsaken,
Then left to die alone.

But yet His heart is loving
And reaches out to you
To offer help and healing
If you will ask Him to.
For He alone has answers
To problems that you face,
And He can help you cope with them
By His sustaining grace.
And more than this, He's able
To give you victory;
Not only lift your burden,
And set your spirit free,
Jesus will fill you with His joy,
And deep contented peace.
The blessing of His presence,
And love that will never cease.

Honoria A. Groves