If We Fail To Pray

If we fail to pray, who will?
Will the sinner, who does not know God?
(Unless he prays in penitence).
Will the unbeliever, who has no room
In his life for spiritual things?
What about those who turned their backs
On the one who died for them?
Will they intercede for this troubled world?

Let us therefore approach God, through Jesus,
Who is the door, and the Blood of His Cross.
Let us lift up our hearts and spirits
In worship to our loving Father God
Who waits and listens for our weakest call.
Let us confess our sins and failures;
Bringing to him our own desires
And interceding for all in need.

There are so many suffering ones around the world;
People who have been affected
By the powers of wind, water, earthquake,
Fire, war and famine.
Friends and loved ones who are sick in body,
The sorrowing; those in financial need;
Devastated by lack of employment.
Families under stress of many kinds.
Those who do not know Christ;
Missionaries in many lands.

Let us gather up our requests
And present them at the Throne of Grace.
For He is our Great Provider.
He is the One who draws together
All his children, of every race
And colour, language, and culture.
Bound together in the fellowship
Of our dependence upon Him.

By: Nora (Honoria) Groves