If You Love Me, Feed My Sheep

Jesus spoke these words to Peter
On the shores of Galilee:
"Feed My flocks -, they are so needy,
If you truly care for Me".

"Seek the wandering and wayward,
As I sought and cared for thee,
Only if you have compassion -
If you have real love for Me."

"If you love Me, serve My Kingdom;
How can you stand idly by,
While confused and helpless millions
Slowly starve to death and die?"

Care for those who need a Shepherd,
Lead them to the pastures green,
Guide them to such Living Water
Christless eyes have never seen.

Yes, I love You, blessed Shepherd,
You have done so much for me.
Help me spread Your love to others
So Your salvation they may see.

Honoria A. Groves