I Know I Put It Somewhere

I'm sure this never happens to you,
But these are the stupid things I do!
Dashing home from the grocery store
I hurry in my apartment door,
With my packages in hand.
First at the kitchen fridge I stand
Depositing the milk and cheese
And beside them leave my bunch of keys!

My purse I drop on a dining chair,
(Not intending to leave it there).
But when the chair's back in its place
All over the apartment I may chase,
Seeking for that elusive thing,
While to this thought I frantically cling:
“I just know I put it somewhere”
Until I find it hiding there.

The purse I like is big enough
So I can carry a lot of stuff,
Wallet, sunglasses and keys;
Some tissues just in case I sneeze,
A comb and several kinds of pills,
(At my age there are lots of ills).
But how I rummage down in there! -
What I want is in there somewhere!

Important papers I safely store
In the writing desk near the door,
With letters, cards, old photographs,
Funny jokes that made me laugh!
But where's my insurance policy?
In all the clutter I cannot see.
Now when I'm gone they'll find it there
‘Cos I know I put it somewhere!

Honoria A. Groves