I'm Angry, Lord

I'm angry, Lord, and I just have to tell
someone. I know You will listen and
understand. It was unjust; I did not
deserve it; my feelings are hurt; why do
these things happen to me? I am
Angry! Please help me deal with this
red-hot weight inside me!

I do not want to retaliate or make anyone
else feel angry or guilty, yet I know that
if I deny these feelings to myself this can
be very destructive to me. So I am
admitting it to You! I AM ANGRY!

Show me some positive way I can work this
out of my system, by keeping busy or taking
a brisk walk. Sometimes I may need to let
someone else know how I feel, not by saying
"You MADE me angry," or "I am angry with
YOU." But just admitting this anger inside
of me can lessen the tension.
Therefore, I'm telling You, Lord, because I
know You will forgive and will help me to
deal with it in a constructive way.

I know Jesus, Your beloved Son, did not
deserve the treatment He received, yet He
was not angry. He prayed "Father, forgive
them." Help me, O help me be able to do
this, for I cannot do it without Your love
and strength.

Now, Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit of
love and forgiveness, and place a shield
over my heart so my feelings will not be so
sensitive and I shall be able to accept the
difficult things life brings.

Lord, I am angry - but not so much as I was
before! The hurt has gone Thank You for
listening and for helping me!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves