In Green Pastures

The pasture's green this morning,
Watered with heavenly dew.
We have come into His Presence
To feed and rest anew.

By waters gently flowing
The thirsty lambs He leads.
“Come unto Me,” says Jesus,
“And I'll meet all your needs.”

And oh, how He refreshes!
Our spirits are restored
By the blest refilling
Of the Spirit of the Lord.

In spite of human weakness,
In paths of righteousness,
He'll keep us close beside Him
Filled with His Holiness.

Through deep and sunless valleys
We need not doubt or fear,
Because the loving presence
Of our Shepherd's always near.

We feast and drink His blessings
And share His wondrous grace.
His House shall be for ever
Our blessed dwelling place.

Honoria A. Groves