In Praise of Canada's Weather

The only ones who appreciate
And think our weather is really great,
Are seniors who can sit inside
Admiring through their windows wide
The changing vistas, summer and fall,
Spring and winter, bless them all!
Or those who always hibernate
South where they think the sun is great.

During our winter's bleak snow storm
We stay indoors so cosy and warm
And watch while all the working folks
Dash out to catch the bus, poor blokes!
When all around is sheets of ice
We snuggle up secure and nice.
But if there's somewhere we must go,
We use a cane through ice and snow.

Then, on blazing summer days
We stay protected from those rays,
Our air conditioning on high
And for some cool fall days we sigh.
As days get short and nights are long,
Well, then we sing a different song.
Oh where did all the sunshine go?
Before you know it, we'll have snow!

Whatever the weather, let's be glad,
Not griping because it is so bad.
Be thankful you have eyes to see,
Ability to feel and be.
Our God is good, sends sun and rain.
Be grateful then, and don't complain.
At least it's never boring here -
It might be if we had summer all year!

Honoria A. Groves