Is it Enough?

Is it enough to know
Someone has a heavy heart,
To say a bright "Hello,"
Then hastily depart?

Is it enough to stand
Just long enough to say
"How are you?" shake their hand
Then hurry on your way?

Is it enough to hear
Without knowing what was said?
To see a falling tear
And pat them on the head?

Is it enough to say
"Cheer up, my poor, sad friend,
Everything will be O.K.,
It will work out in the end."

Is it enough to call
And try to make them smile?
To think, "Oh, is that all?"
And tell jokes all the while?

To say, "Buck up, because
Thing really aren't that bad;
There surely is no cause
For you to feel so sad".

Is it enough to care,
To reach out a helping hand;
To see someone weeping there,
But you don't quite understand?

Is it enough to tell
Them God their need will meet?
We'd help them if we could,
But we're run off our feet!

Is it enough to pray,
And say "Just trust the Lord,
Read Scripture every day,
There's help in God's own Word."

Is anything enough
When someone is in pain?
Agreeing life is tough,
But the sun will shine again?

We know, Lord, only You
Can really help and heal,
But they need someone too
To show the love they feel.

With ever-open ear,
As they let their feelings out,
To listen as well as hear,
And never cast a doubt.

Allowing them to share;
Shedding tears they need not hide,
To let them know we care
About the hurt inside.

When we've been hurting too,
By showing that we care,
Though no-one ever knew,
Our load's easier to bear.

Let's be there when they need
A warm and human hand;
To be a friend indeed,
And try to understand!

Honoria A. Groves