Jesus Christ is Born

Sweet Mary gazed n wonder at her precious little one,
Still not comprehending how He could be God's Son,
Remembering with awe the angel's gentle voice,
Whose message, now fulfilled, made her trusting heart rejoice
Now Jesus Christ was born!

Some shepherds on the hillside were awakened from their sleep
And told by heavenly messengers a great watch to keep;
Then, as instructed, leaving all, they hurried on their way
To find in Bethlehem's Manger on that first glad Christmas Day
That Jesus Christ was born!

Wise men scanning galaxies, with great excitement spied
A glorious luminary sent to be their heavenly guide,
As gifts and adoration in humility they bring
To offer their allegiance to the tiny newborn King
For Jesus Christ was born!

Lord grant us those same qualities of spirit and of mind;
May we have Mary's humble faith, Your Will for us to find;
The shepherd's glad obedience, the wise men's sacrifice;
The joy they knew, beholding God's Gift at such a price,
When Jesus Christ was born!

Honoria A. Groves