Jesus is Living

Jesus is Living - no longer He's dead;
In victory He rose from the Tomb's cold bed,
And now on His Throne forever He'll reign
And some day He'll come back to this earth again.

Jesus is Living - Dear Friend, this is true!
He lives and He's loving both me and you.
Wanting to share in our joys and our pain,
Praise God for Jesus, He's living again.

Jesus is Living - He lives to redeem;
Through darkness of sin, see His cross brightly gleam.
From Calvary his scarred hand reaches out -
Just believe and accept Him without any doubt.

Jesus is Living - so tell me, friend, why
Do so many live as if they want to die?
Because He's alive we can victorious be;
He lives to grant us true liberty.

Jesus is Living - this great news proclaim -
There's salvation only in Jesus Christ's Name.
Go tell this good news to the lonely and sad
For He will come in and make their hearts glad.

Jesus is Living - if this you believe,
Why are you anxious and why do you grieve?
Rise up and live in His mighty power
Jesus is Living - He's living this hour!

Jesus is Living and to me He does give
Abundant life here and as long as I live
I want to serve Him, till His Face I see
And thank Him for dying and living for me.

Honoria A. Groves