Jesus Took My Burden

Jesus took the burden
I brought to Him in prayer.
Bowing at His footstool,
He sweetly met me there.
Seeing my tears of anguish,
He wiped them all away,
Saying "I'll take your burdens,
Give them to me today."

I came in faith believing,
Knowing His Word is true.
Trusting in His promise
That what He says, He'll do.
My task is just to trust Him,
Commit to Him my cares,
Confident He answers
Each true believer's prayers.

Thank You, dear Lord Jesus,
For giving me once more
A rich supply of blessing
From your exaustless store.
Replenishing my spirit,
With your great joy and peace.
Because You took my burden,
My praise shall not cease.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves