Just a Mother

When I was young, my mother, unschooled in ways of the world,
Never held a paying job, or went to have her hair curled.

She cooked and swept and washed and ironed; she also sewed and mended;
She spent no time away from home; her duties never ended.
She loved God and her neighbour, was satisfied to be
Just a mother in her home, serving her family.

Now we have convenience and comfort she couldn't see in her dreams;
Yet some women are complaining - they're never contented, it seems!
We're surely entitled to freedom and need to see our self-worth,
But true liberty is in Jesus and worthiness follows New Birth.

Motherhood is a rare privilege given to us by God,
To love and cherish our children and teach them the ways of the Lord.
But each day we need His leading, His special help and care;
To spend time alone in devotion, in Bible reading and prayer.
For only as we know the Saviour can we love and train them aright,
And enjoy the task God has given - being a mother from morning to night.

Mothers do become very weary from all the constant demands
And sometimes wonder why God didn't give them another pair of hands!
But don't ever be "too busy," even if you have go out to work,
To spend time with your precious children - this first duty do not shirk!

And if you choose to stay at home, giving up your own careers,
Give your best, for childhood lasts for such a few short years.
And don't say "I'M JUST A MOTHER," whatever else you may do,
For this is the best and the greatest profession God has for you!

Honoria A Groves