Just as a Father

Just as my father cared for me
When I was weak and small,
My Heavenly Father is to me
My strength, my Source, my All

Just as a Father comforted
When I was filled with fear;
Godís ever-loving presence comes
Encouragingly near.

Just as a father held my hand,
His blessed touch I feel.
A warm embrace, encompassing,
So tangible, so real.

Just as my father loved me so
And met my every need,
God pours His grace abundantly
My hungry soul to feed.

Just as a father would forgive
His stubborn, willful child,
With open arms God waits till we
Come to be reconciled.

Just as a father, welcoming
The child who has been away,
So He will open wide the door
Of Heaven for me some day.

Honoria A. Groves