Just Being with Him

Sometimes there's nothing I need say -
It is enough with God to stay;
His precious presence all I need,
As He my hungry soul does feed.
No words my feelings could express
The sweet communion I possess -
Just being with Him.

Blessed fellowship of heart and mind
Between divine and humankind;
A bond quite inexplicable
And yet it seems so tangible.
I can't describe the way I feel,
All I know, it's very real,
Just being with Him.

The doors are open in my soul,
Inviting Him to view the whole;
My outstretched hands to him extend
As welcoming a well-loved friend.
He makes himself “at home” with me,
And I'm as comfortable as can be -
Just being with Him.

My spirit is so deeply blessed
As in his presence sweet I rest.
He looks at me so lovingly
And I respond so thankfully.
What joy upon his face to gaze!
Oh, may I spend my future days
Just being with Him!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves