Just Today

I cannot live tomorrow
Till I have lived today;
But Lord, I need your help and strength
To live it in your way.
Oh keep me close to you, Lord,
Through every passing hour.
May I resist temptation strong
By your Holy Spirit's power.

I cannot face tomorrow
But I can face today.
Just for today, for just this hour,
I can walk the narrow way.
And if my eyes should wander
To things I should not do,
Somehow, get my attention, Lord,
And bring it back to you.

I don't deserve tomorrow
If I should fail today,
But your everlasting love and grace
Are with me every day.
I want to please you, Jesus,
I know you hear me pray.
And with your help I SHALL not fail,
Today, Just For Today!

(Written for an alcoholic who is a new Christian)

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves