Keep Teaching Me, Lord

Thank You, Father,
For all the lessons
You have taught me;
For all Your blessings,
For gifts received,
Promises kept,
Prayers answered.
Most of all,
Thank You for Jesus.

Thank You for Your Word;
For books that inspire the mind;
For those who expound the Gospel;
And for those who teach me;
For Your Holy Spirit,
Who leads us ever onward
Into new truth.

Thank You for those
Who want to learn about You.
For opportunities
To share my discoveries
With them,
For the privilege of opening
The eyes of others
To the Glory of You.
For the responsibility
Of moulding
Impressionable minds.

Lord, keep me humble;
Keep me teachable;
Willing to learn and be led
By You;
And Lord, keep teaching me,
For I cannot teach
What I have not learned.
So, please, Lord,
Keep teaching me!

Honoria A. Groves