Learning's Door

Aren't you glad this High School first opened up its door?
The Public School had done its part and this School added more;
They taught you Math and English, other subjects by the score,
To give you a vocation, and open Learning's Door.

No one can teach you everything - all anyone can do,
Is open doors to knowledge - the rest is up to you.
If you have gained some glimpses through a newly opened door,
Then plan to keep on learning and adding to your store.

Don't feel education's ended, and now you know it all,
For all the knowledge you now have is really very small,
And every new experience, each thing you see and do
Can be a form of learning and of benefit to you.

I'm sure that you have realized each teacher is your friend
Who helped you grow in confidence and stick with it to the end.
On this secure foundation that year by year was laid,
Will be built a solid future; the investment was well made!

Be thankful now, on looking back, to where you once had stood;
Now you're equipped to go out there and earn a livelihood.
Opportunities are endless - the doors are open wide
To every kind of learning - and you have stepped inside!

Now today, we honour you, for your achievements great;
For in spite of many setbacks, you have entered Learning's Gate.
And you'll be always grateful that someone saw in you
Such positive potential for things that you could do.

Life stretches out before you! In the working world out there
Are things you can contribute, many skills you have to share,
But also you'll discover there are things you need to know,
So you can keep on learning every minute as you go.

And now, with my Best Wishes, I hope that you will find
Good Health, some Wealth and Happiness, success of every kind!
A job with satisfaction in everything you do,
And most of all, young people, real pride in being YOU!

Honoria Groves

June, 1980