Let the Past Be the Past

Let the past be the past,
Don't let it cloud the present,
Or elongated shadow across the future.
Let go of all the hurts, the griefs,
The disappointments, or mistakes that have been made;
For no more amount of grieving, of anger, or resentment,
Regret for things done or undone;
Or lack of opportunity; and no tears shed today,
Can change a single thing about yesterday.

So if I let the past, with all its bitter memories -
And even the good times - take over and spoil
What I could have today; then the future
Will still be full of hurts and deep unhappiness,
Because the present is creating memories
(Either good or bad), for the future.

Lord, help me to let the past be the past.
Grant me forgiveness, as I need forgiveness.
Jesus, wash away the hurts and scars with Your love,
And fill the present with Your knowledge
Of Your presence, Your help, and hope for the future,
To make the present good - if not exactly happy;
To think of others and their feelings
Instead of being obsessed with my anger.
Help me relinquish those strong feelings,
Unconsciously harboured down through the years;
Show me ways to deal with them constructively;
Not to bury them, or deny them, or vent them on others,
So I may be free from their power over the present.
Free my spirit from the chains that bind me,
And let me be free again - free to live and love;
To appreciate life's simple pleasures;
To be thankful, to respond to others,
And minister to their needs.

I will crawl out of the cocoon of the past,
And spread my wings in the sunshine of today.
And one day I will be able to say:
"Hey I'm feeling happy today!"
Then tomorrow I should be able to look back on good
And positive memories of today,
Because I was finally able to let go of the past.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves