Life Goes On

Your beloved is gone but life still goes on.
The birds still can sing, fly on joyful wing,
The warm sunshine glows and the breeze still blows,
Flowers are bright, the moon shines at night,
It must seem as though they just do not know!

In your time of need you were blessed indeed
With people so kind to comfort your mind.
Now they are gone, for life must go on.
Each loved one and friend has work to attend,
Bills have to be paid and plans must be made.

So how, you may ask, do I cope with this task?
The future to face alone in this place?
Well, first, dearest one, you are not left alone.
Our God never fails; when our courage quails
He always is there to answer our prayer.

Remember, my dear, friends and loved ones are near.
There are many who care and your burdens will share.
Many others you know went the way you must go.
Yes, you will survive and be glad you're alive.
You'll find lots to do and God will help you.
There are beds to make, good things to bake,
Meals to prepare, visits to share,
Laundry to do, “Thank you's” sent too
Mail to be read, kind words to be said.
And one day you'll find you've found peace of mind.

No answers, not yet, but contentment you'll get.
It's OK to cry, but don't ask Him why.
Someday we will know why we had to go
Through dark days like this; life isn't all bliss.
Sad days are not gone but with God, life goes on.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves