Life is a Gift

Life is a gift to us from God
Not to be wasted or squandered
Or treated lightly.
It is only by His grace
That we draw our next breath.

He has a purpose for each life,
And plans a future
That we can either treasure
Or fritter away in regrets
For what “might have been.”

Whether our life is short or long
Is beside the point.
Our only responsibility is to be thankful
For the time allotted to us
And make the best use of it
We possibly can.

We are not responsible for the lives of others,
For there are many powers
At work in this world,
And life is full of choices
That can affect our time on earth.

Our only task is to accept God's Will
And live our lives to the full,
Rejoicing in what has been granted to us,
Loving and serving God with our whole heart.

This is health,
Physical, emotional, and spiritual.
But it is our choice!

Honoria A. Groves