Life is Fragile

Life is fragile! Oh, how swiftly sometimes it is snatched away!
Here today, gone tomorrow – no time “Goodbye's” to say.
One moment living, laughing, the next quiet and still.
Oh how can one split second leave such emptiness to fill!

The memories that linger are all that's left behind
Of a face that was always smiling and eyes so bright and kind.
A life full of activity that spanned such a few short years,
Have left a deep impression and a loss too deep for tears.

The one we honour here today will be missed so much
For his fun and laughter and his loving touch.
For his grieving loved ones we most sincerely pray
For God's strength and guidance and comfort every day.

From his life's experience some lessons can be learned.
His death too, must have meaning which now should not be spurned,
For life, though brief, is precious, to be handled with great care,
Used as a gift from heaven, with discipline and prayer.

This gift God freely gives us to relish and enjoy;
Yet it is very fragile, value health with joy.
Live with faith and purpose, treasure each day and year,
So when your life is over you can face God without fear.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves