Life is Hard

No one said life would be easy,
Or promised all joy and no pain.
There are no guarantees of sunshine,
For where would we be without rain?
Life cannot be all smooth sailing;
We run into many rough seas,
Where sails may have to be shortened
The strain on the vessel to ease.

Running life's race requires effort,
We suffer exhaustion and pain,
But none of the struggle is wasted;
For we never compete in vain.
Our God is always beside us,
Helping and cheering us on;
His arm is there to support us -
He never will leave us alone.

So do not give up the battle,
Or give in to despair and lose hope,
But place your trust in your Leader,
Whose Power has infinite scope.
He'll not do the fighting for you,
But He is the back-up you need,
And together you can go forward
In the confidence YOU CAN SUCCEED!!

Honoria A . Groves