Life of Praise

Praising God when I awake,
Praising Him for Jesus sake.
Praising Christ who died for me
Praise the Holy Spirit free.
Praising Him for happiness.
Praising Him in times of stress.
Praising when He seems so near,
Praising when I'm filled with fear.
Praising in the sunshine bright,
Praising in the darkest night.
Praising Him through times of pain
Praising still when well again.
Praising when I feel so strong,
Praising when the hours are long.
Praise with Christians round the Throne
Praising when I am alone.
Praising Him in thankfulness,
Praise when needing Him to bless.
Praising as I intercede
For those who have a pressing need.
Praising with a joyful song,
Praising still when things go wrong.
Praising Him for all He's done
And for new things just begun.
Praise to others for his grace,
Urging them to seek His face.
Praising by the things I say,
Praise in all I do each day.

O God, for all your wondrous ways,
Make my life a LIFE OF PRAISE!

Honoria A. Groves