Lights of Christmas

The first lights of Christmas were Angels in the sky
Bringing to the shepherds a message from on high,
Telling of a wondrous, miraculous Birth
The Night our blessed Saviour came down to earth.

Another light of Christmas was the bright guiding Star
Leading the Wise Men who travelled from afar,
Bringing their gifts of incense, myrrh and gold;
Oh how we rejoice each time this story's told!

And now at Christmas, homes and trees we decorate
To honour Christ Jesus whose love is so great;
He brings hope and salvation into this world's dark night,
And where He is welcomed, He is the True Light!

Each year we gather to worship and to sing
Praises to Jesus as our hearts and love we bring.
So on this happy and very special night
We pray for all people, "Let there Be Light!"

Honoria A. Groves