Little Red Lights

When I open my eyes in the night
I always see a little red light
On the telephone near my bed;
Then, if I slightly turn my head
The clock's red numbers I can see
Always keeping me company.

The humidifier is also seen
With tiny lights of red and green.
The night light glowing in the hall
Makes sure I do not trip and fall.
My computer shines like a Christmas Tree
Which is quite reassuring to me.

The living room has more lights to see,
One of course, is on the T.V.
Another one on the telephone
Blinks with messages when I'm not home.
Then on every power bar
Little lights show me where they are.

In the kitchen I'm glad to see
Little red lights staring at me.
I'm thankful appliances have eyes
Rebuking me when I've been unwise
And forgotten to turn off the heat
I think those little red lights are neat.

I should never fear when I'm alone
With lights to guide me to the phone.
Little red lights glowing everywhere
Like tiny eyes watching me there.
They bring to me comfort and peace
Knowing their duty will not cease.

But if there were no electricity
There'd be no little red lights to see!
A flashlight or candle would have to do
And would require some matches too!
So thank you, Lord, for everything
The little red lights always bring.

Honoria A. Groves

3 am, January 2, 2004