Living Alone

Living alone does have some pluses,
In spite of having to ride the busses!
Now, when I go out to shop
I can browse till I'm ready to drop
Without being urged to "hurry a bit,"
Or pause to chat without causing a fit!
The foods I like I now can choose,
And buy the things I wish to use.
No one cares how much I spend,
Or if I eat lunch out with a friend!

At home I can sit in any chair,
My favourite old housecoat wear.
No more arguing over T.V.
I can watch what I want to see!
I can stay up till my eyes are red,
No one says "Aren't you coming to bed?"
At mealtimes I don't have to fuss,
There's no complaints and much less muss.
The bathroom I don't have to share,
I can hang my stockings anywhere!

But Oh, what pleasure it would be
That precious face again to see.
And such a thrill to once more hear
A familiar voice say "I'm home, dear".
Someone to talk and listen to,
And sit with when the day is through.
I long to hear, "I love you, hon".
This "Living Alone" is not all fun!

Honoria A. Groves

October, 1995