Look At Me - I Am a Person

Look at me - I am a person!
I have likes and dislikes;
I am capable of making a choice,
(When given the opportunity).
The same way you do,
Because I am me and you are you.
I am a woman and you are a man.
But I am also a person -
Someone who has chosen
To spend her life with you -
In a partnership -
However, I am still a person!

Look at me - I have feelings!
Many times I get hurt or angry
Because you do not try to see
My point of view.
You want to make all the decisions,
And while I do appreciate
Many of things you do,
I resent the way you do it.
You refuse to understand that
I liked to be consulted.
How many times have you
Ever thought to ask my opinion,
Or allow me to express my feelings
On anything, large or small?

I used to accept that
As man's prerogative,
But it still hurt.
Now I don't accept it anymore,
Because now I know

So something dear,
Please, take time to stop
And take a GOOD LOOK AT ME -

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves